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Antrans ltd. is a family owned company and been established by the undersigned Tayfun Turkes and his wife Emel Turkes. As the shareholders  were being engaged at the Universitys of Heidelberg and München graduating in law ,they happened to start in an int. forwarding company in München and they contininued working until today in this field.Antrans ltd. was been established in 1976 as  Ansped ltd. In Izmir. As it was  a no turkish name the management changed it as Antrans Ltd. which is valid until today. The shareholders  have decided for the  most developed model of  Germany at those years and Antrans ltd.  started with the slogan of  " Forwarding in Sea/Land and Air ". Antrans ltd  paid attention creating  an agency pool  in Germany.  due to the fact of  excess of oil, the transit transportation  was the most popular field and therefore an organisation in Mersin  has been restructed  and  Antrans ltd became soon one of the  leading transit Transporters.

Monthly we realised 2 vessels and handled min. 4000- 5000 tons of  transit cargo to Iran and Iraq.

As reefer cargo :  we handled  the total amount of 45.000 tons of  chicken, meat and egs to Iran and Iraq

As project cargo:  only to Iraq  we handled the transport ,storage of the cargo at 13 different locations and delivery of  60.000 tons cargo.Antrans also was active as the general agent of  the shipowner Lojinska Plovidba at the Mediterranean Area ( Africa included).  Also the carriage of the goods from  ports to the  destination s in Africa ( Egpyt  ,Algeria etc.) was provided by Antrans.

Also the transportation of  the CNT to Iran was  one of our activities in which we were engaged  many years. After being successful in Mersin we decided to open also branch offices in Istanbul and Ankara. The total number of our staff was 80. Antrans as ship agent of  Jugo Line, Juga Tanker  of the Yugoslavian State  was also active in handling of 150 vessels  over turkish ports and at the  Bosphorus and Dardanel. We are proud of  having transfered of nearly up to 5 million of usd to our country as Freight. 

Air cargo:

We have founded  another sister company  ( TT Ltd.)  and  acted as the air cargo agent of  Jardin Cargo/Hong Kong , MSAS /U.K ,
Cargolux / Luxemburg in Turkey. At  the mentioned  times MSAS CARGO had over 800 agency network but later  it became EXCEL CARGO AMERICA and later it turned to DHL.
Cargolux  had a service of weekly 2 Jumbo cargo aircraft  between  Luxembourg and Dubai and used to land also in  Istanbul .

Land transportation :Antrans ltd. became very powerful  as a result of her relation with  the  german company Papp   which was one of the leading  Spedition companies having  a traffic to Turkey. In Munich / Germany Papp was the only company who had the custom stamp and therefore all the turkish forwarding companies  used to contact this firm  in order to ask for a cargo capacity. By this way Antrans expanded her activities and there were  38 owned and  65  chartered trucks.  This is why she was  one of the leading forwarding companies at the Aegean  and Mediterranean area for satsuma transports.We have let 20 of our own trucks having a regular traffic  for  groupage cargo between  Italy and Turkey and by this way we  were one of the 3 companies who developed this route. Later we have let  40 trucks monthly   available for the  Balkan traffic. 

Railway traffic: Thanks  to our principal Spedexpress / Wienna Austria we had the possibility to offer the best competitive rates  and suitable  wagons  as cargo handling. As you see we have the experience in land / air and sea transportation over 40 years. 

Recently, as a result of the developing conditions we  also entered in a WORLDWIDE NETWORK  as we did not miss  to be a member of the fareast organisations. We are proud of  this new company: FRETLOG which is the result of our contacts to fareast.
FRETLOG  is our multi national shareholder  which  will  be an additional strength  to our European possibilities. 

We keep our efforts to  improve the quality of our activities and we are aware of the fact this is only possible if you are happy with our work. We are grateful to all of our customers who became our partners. 

Tayfun Türkeş

General Manager


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